Pretty soon we will be moving.  The brand new website has already been completed, its just a matter of getting the domain transferred to the new host.

Check out the new site here.

We're still here


So yes we are still here. This second semester at college as been about more busy for me(Karzzon). But we are working on some things. Just not releasing them as early as some of our other projects.



To all of our users, feel free to go check out our forum and join the RevertedSoft community.

Well I Karzzon started the minecrfat server to have a server where I can do what I want. I planned to keep funding it and make it open to public. But all these plans and decisions were made during the holidays when I had more time. Now I am back in school and very busy. Not only that, but I need to save money for next years college tuition. I now announce the end to this server before it even started.

EDIT: We are still going to develop bukkit plugins

New look


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Whats that? Does everything look different?  Oh cool this is a nice theme


Reverted Chat


I stayed up all night learning network and socket programming in Python, I now have a very basic chat client, that will connect to the chat server (my computer... when its running). So if anyone would like to join me, feel free to download the client under our utilities section.

Bukkit Plugins


We have now started development on bukkit plugins.  You can see the (very short at the time of writing) list here.
For the very first time ever, we have hit 1000+ page hits. Funny part is we don't know who any of these people are. Lets hear some comments from all you people here on the blog



I recently ported the xor encryption algorithm to python.  It actually works better so it wil be taking over the old xor


MineCraft Server


We have started a Minecraft server, it is whitelisted for now while we plan what to do with it.  Further updates to the Minecraft server will not be posted here but at